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Autumn Activities from Back to the Garden Childcare in Altrincham

Nature will soon be wearing her coat of autumnal colours and the weather will start to get colder. Here at our natural nursery in Broadheath, we're busy changing our seasonal menu for September and adapting our activities for the children to suit the new season, which you can take a look at our with our Seasonal Wheel.

Celebrate the season

The end of August brings with it the coming changes of Autumn. There is much to celebrate during the autumn season. From celebrating the visible changes in nature like the red and orange leaves, to the different holidays that can be celebrated from Harvest to Halloween! We celebrate Autumn as much as possible in our curriculum and how we decorate our day nursery, including fresh displays for the new season and the creation of cosy corners for rainy days.

Collect Conkers

A classic autumnal activity for children; parents and even grandparents will remember collecting conkers. A symbolism of wider appreciation for nature, there are many more outdoor activities to undertake this season such as nature bingo, pumpkin picking, collecting apples, and painting pine cones.

Create comfort

Comfort and contentment are relished by all in the colder months, especially children. At Back to the Garden, we adopt the concept of “Hygge” which is a Danish term for all things relating to creating a sense of cosiness, comfort and contentment. Our beautiful day nursery in Broadheath adopts this concept in every aspect. We know that by having a calming environment which includes “cosy corners” we get the best out of our children, as comfortable and calm children are the happiest and learn the most. Creating a cosy corner with your child allows them to get creative and settled ready to learn and engage. We use our very own Tepee area to create comfort and practice activities such as mindfulness and yoga.

If you are actively looking for childcare in Altrincham, our holistic, natural day nursery in Broadheath is currently open. We are taking enquiries about spaces for enrolment and we’re conducting open days. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our day nursery in Broadheath.

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