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Our Learning Environment

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The beautiful indoor and outdoor environment we have planned around the children reflects our image of the child as capable and curious.


Our environment allows the children to access open-ended, high quality resources to enable them to set about the task of learning.


This allows the children to select resources to support their chosen activity and to see themselves as ‘planners’, ‘thinkers’ and ‘learners’.

We have dedicated creative spaces we call Ateliers which encourage children to use a visual language (painting, sculpture, drawing, movement…) to develop their thoughts and feelings.

Our indoor environment has an emphasis on calm colours and natural resources, we incorporate music to relax or invigorate and we ensure we have spaces for the children to relax.

The outdoor area is a key part of our nursery which allows children to engage with resources on a larger scale, such as sand and water play, large brick play, and to gain a deeper connection with nature, the elements and the changing of the seasons.


In our potting shed children are involved in planting and harvesting.

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