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Back to the Garden Childcare Confirms Partnership with The Garden in Hale

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

Underlining its commitment to great food and nutrition, the McGoff Group has partnered with earth-friendly eatery The Garden, in Hale, to design a series of special menus for its new day nursery, Back to the Garden.

Located on Sinderland Road in Broadheath, Back to the Garden is an exciting new concept in childcare which has been developed in association with Stewart and Jeannie Pickering, the experienced husband and wife team which was formerly behind the kidsunlimited brand.

With places for children from three months to five years old, Back to the Garden will offer a child-led, active learning environment with an emphasis on outdoor play in a natural setting, away from the pollution associated with being too close to main roads.

One of the cornerstones of the nursery’s philosophy is a focus on nutrition. Working closely with director, head chef and co-founder at The Garden, Amy Shepherson, Back to the Garden’s Jeannie Pickering will create a delicious, locally-sourced and organic (where possible) menu that incorporates fresh, plant-based produce, meat and fish and will change seasonally throughout the year.

Jeannie Pickering comments: “I have very much admired what Amy and the team have achieved with The Garden and their ethos in making healthy and nutritious food more creative, accessible and enjoyable for people of all ages. Especially important for children, the food that we eat has a direct impact on our health, our emotions, our ability to process information and the overall balance within our bodies and children need to eat well to learn and develop fully. I’m excited to be working with Amy and look forward to devising a menu of delicious and appetising dishes that children can’t wait to eat.”

Amy Shepherdson added: “Jeannie and I share a huge passion for good food and nutrition. I’m delighted to be involved with Back to the Garden and look forward to using my expertise to help the children develop an appreciation of food and an understanding of eating well from an early age.”

Where possible, all produce on the menu at Back to the Garden will be organic, free range or locally grown. Dishes will be homemade and incorporate plenty of healthy grains. Through the changing seasons, children will be introduced to an eclectic mix of tastes, textures and nutrient dense superfoods, helping them to become accustomed to eating a variety of nutritious foods.

“Our aim is for the food to be both exceptionally nutritious and delicious,” concludes Jeannie, “So much so, that the parents want to stay and eat it too.”

Back to the Garden will open in August 2018 and is already taking reservations for child places and recruiting for members of the new team.

For further information on admissions, fees and current job vacancies, please contact us on 0161 537 7999 or email

Alternatively, please visit For further information on The Garden, please visit

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