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Take A Walk On The Wild Side with... Madeleine Shaw

☆ Mother • Nutritional Therapist • Author ❋ Family Recipes • Wellness Tips • Positivity

@madeleineshawsminikitchen - kid's food account

1. What advice do you have for new parents?

You always know best - trust your gut with everything. The nights are long but the years are short.

2. What superpower do you wish you had as a parent?

To be patient at all times. I'm usually pretty patient but at times it can be frustrating. Oh, and maybe two of me... one playing, the other cooking and cleaning.

3. What skills have you best learnt about yourself through becoming and being a parent?

Being patient, being content with little, the importance of play, being present, purpose of life, felling connected and how much I love it.

4. If you could have any help in any area as a parent what would it be?

Probably more babysitting so my boyfriend and I could go out for more date nights, I'd love that.

5. What are your favourite tips and skills that you might share with others about your parenting?

I love to get outdoors as much as possible. The minute we're dressed in the morning we head out and explore. I like to expose Shay to everything from picking flowers, painting, to riding trains. I'll also try and get Shay involved with my daily life - like cooking, washing up and putting toys away so I don't have to do it all when he's asleep.

6. Are there any books / links / quotes that have really helping you on your parenting journey?

I like positive parenting books. I particularly like 'The 5 Love Languages'.

7.What’s your child’s favourite book?

'Madeleine's Adventures'

8. What are you grateful for?

Every moment with my family.

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