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‘Take A Walk On The Wild Side...’with Kate Mosley

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Co-founder of The Garden Eatery / Yoga Teacher / Mother of twins

@souldono @thegardeneatery

A happy mother and her two children

Photo by Giulia Zonza

1. What advice do you have for new parents?

Be patient with each other. Google is NOT your friend! Try to soak up every moment in the early days as time absolutely flies! 

2. What superpower do you wish you had as a parent?

To clone myself (like 7 times).

3. What skills have you best learnt about yourself through becoming and being a parent?

I can do so much more in one day than I ever thought possible! 

4. If you could have any help in any area as a parent what would it be?

To be more patient and care less about the house! 5. What are your favourite tips and skills that you might share with others about your parenting?

Try and understand any given situation from the child's perspective. It helps so much during those sleepless nights when you're impossibly tired and you've just been woken for the thousandth time or when they're whinging and hanging off your leg all day! 

The Garden Eatery Co-founder Kate Mosley & Family
The Garden Eatery Co-founder Kate Mosley & Family

Photo by Giulia Zonza 6. Are there any books / links / quotes that have really helping you on your parenting journey?

The Wonder Weeks, The Cheshire Baby Whisperer - Evelyn Burdon, Baby Secrets - Jo Tantum

7. What’s your child’s/children's favourite book?

Peepo, That's Not My Duck and Postman Bear.

8. What are you grateful for?

For being blessed with not one but TWO of the most beautiful, funny and crazy souls and only having had to go through one pregnancy!!

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