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Take A Walk On The Wild Side with... Kirsty Almeida

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Singer-Songwriter, Visionary & Mother of Ray 💫

1. What’s your child’s favourite food and how do you inspire healthy eating?

Ray loves dippy eggs. I try to continually come at food with a curious mind as, he can decide he doesn’t like something but eat it on another day. I put a little of everything on his plate. I also trust that his body knows what it needs. 

2. Describe their world of ‘play’

Ray loves role play. Everything in the house seems to have an alter ego. I’ve tried to bring that into the field even more by giving inanimate objects personality too. We live in the countryside so he’s often flying around on his bicycle. I’ve made a little edible allotment with him. He likes learning about foraged foods. 

3. What’s their bedtime ritual?

Brush teeth, three books and sleep and a few times a week bathtime. If he gets into bed quickly 3 books, the longer it takes the less books... then, a lot of cuddles. 

4. What’s their favourite book?

Jeffrey Oliver The Opposite. 

5. Please share your ‘parenting mantra’?

Do my best.

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