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Crafting for Kids from Back to the Garden Childcare in Altrincham

The colder evenings and cosy nights mean we’re spending more time indoors and trying to entertain the children when cooped up inside can be challenging. However, Autumn is the perfect season to get busy with arts and crafts! The colours available from nature itself provide great resources for collages and paintings.

Weave a Harvest wreath

The best way to get creative with the kids and utilise the colourful leaves of Autumn is through creating a Harvest wreath. Taking the children on an autumnal walk to find coloured leaves, acorns, conkers and branches to take home to build their own Harvest wreath can keep them entertained all afternoon and allows everyone to celebrate the season in a simple way. At our natural nursery in Altrincham, we take the children on nature walks all year round, playing ‘Nature Bingo’ and collecting leaves and rocks.

Build your own pumpkin

A new trend emerging this autumntime is pumpkin making! DIY pumpkin decors made from knitted wool or coloured string is all the rage this year and marks a welcome difference to the carved vegetables we usually see. Teaching the children to knit their own mini pumpkin is a creative way for them to learn a new skill. Our child-led curriculum at our day nursery in Broadheath has creativity at the heart of it as we focus on developing children’s personalities and interests to create ‘little leaders’ ready to take on their next steps.

Create a collage

Creating an autumn scene with things collected from the outdoors is a simple collage idea for the kids. Using paints, leaves, acorns, conkers, twigs and different coloured papers or card not only highlights the colours of the season and nature’s changes, but it allows the children to get creative and uses a range of natural resources and textures for sensory play.

If you are actively looking for childcare in Altrincham, our holistic, natural day nursery in Broadheath is currently open. We are taking enquiries about spaces for enrolment and we’re conducting open days. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our day nursery in Broadheath.

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