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Back to the Garden Childcare in Broadheath: Taking care of your child and their learning environment

Updated: May 28, 2019

We know how important it is for your children to receive the right education and nutrition while they’re young to help support them as they grow and develop physically and mentally. At Back to the Garden, nutrition and sustainability are two of our main focuses when it comes to meal times and the principles we teach the children during their experience here.

Meal times at Back to the Garden are much more than a tasty meal! We like to use a family dining approach where the children help to set the table, serve the meals and clear up afterwards. This teaches the children to value spending time with their friends and peer groups at dinner time, and makes meal time fun for everyone. As well as our dining approach, we also make sure nutritious and delicious meals are a big part of our values and vision for the nursery.

Nicola Charnock, our resident nutritionist, believes in the importance of establishing a mindful eating practice with children....

“The sensory nervous system is responsible for preparing the body for digestion. This is why the dining experience and ritual of gathering and being present when eating enables the senses to do their job…We eat with our eyes; That smells sooo nice, it’s making me hungry...
...Instilling good eating patterns at an early age is worth its weight in gold and sets children up for life.”

Our meals incorporate fresh, plant-based produce, meat and fish that is locally sourced and organic (where possible!). Combined with doing activities on our fresh herb and vegetable garden, we teach your little ones how to truly value the food that’s provided for them – how to grow it, nurture it and lovingly prepare it.

At Back to the Garden, we’re passionate about teaching and caring for your children, and we try to be as sustainable as possible while doing so! We strive to reduce our impact on the world around us by use of the building, our choice of suppliers and our knowledge as to what things are made of and where they are sourced.

We also make sure we recycle wherever possible and use products that have limited impact on the environment. That’s why we use disposable nappies from Kit and Kin that are unbleached, dioxin free and fully biodegradable, and we give every child their very own Klean Kanteen stainless-steel water bottle. This way we can make sure your child has access to water all day, and can get used to drinking in an eco-friendly container that isn’t discarded and doesn’t need to be collected and recycled.

To find out more about our unique vision at Back to the Garden childcare in Altrincham, get in touch with us today or call 0161 537 7999 to chat with a member of our friendly team!

Want a glimpse into a day at Back to the Garden Childcare, a natural child-led nursery in Broadheath, Altrincham? Take a look at our social media - we’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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