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Back to the Garden childcare in Broadheath, Altrincham: Our top activities to save for a rainy day!

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Although we’re in the midst of our beautiful British Summer, the weather here can be unpredictable! Back to the Garden Childcare have put together our top activities to save for a rainy day that you can do with the whole family!

1. Get your bake on!

Stock up on your baking essentials and make some tasty treats while you’re at home indoors, because what better way to cheer up on a rainy day than yummy food! Not only does baking help to entertain and result in tasty treat, as they weigh and measure ingredients, children are developing math skills and life skills, like how to follow recipes and use appliances (with supervision of course) without even realising!

2. Learn something new

Whether it be a new indoor sport, or even some keywords in a different language, take this time to expand the whole family’s skills and knowledge but in a fun creative way!

3. Get arts & crafty

We all know, there’s nothing more fun than a creative, messy painting session! However, being restricted indoors due to the unpredictable British weather, something a little less messy yet still creative can still have all the same benefits, whether you’re building rockets out of cardboard to take to you up to the (imaginary) moon or painting pretty flowers for your indoor garden! Arts and crafts allow the children to freely express themselves and develop their creativity and imagination.

4. Pyjama day

What is more exciting than spending the whole day in the comfort of your pyjamas? Pyjama days can be fun for the whole family, but they’re the perfect opportunity to inject a bit of creativity for an all-round fun and successful day! Take the chance to build your own fort, spend more time than usual cooking a gorgeous family meal, or have a family movie afternoon where you cosy up on the couch and watch all the feel-good films you can find.

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