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Back to the Garden Childcare in Broadheath, Altrincham: Making life more planet-friendly

At Back to the Garden Childcare in Broadheath Altrincham, it’s our mission to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, and do our bit as a day nursery to save our beautiful planet that gifts us with so many natural resources and nutrients to help us grow. Read more about our Environmental Policy here! The start of a New Year is the perfect time to challenge yourself to do that bit more to be eco-conscious when you’re at home and out-and-about, and make your choices greener.

So, Back to the Garden day nursery in Altrincham have put together some top tips on how you can make life that little bit more sustainable in the New Year!

1. Use stainless steel water bottles

The ingredients used in these tough bottles are long-lasting options that are completely recyclable when their lifespan officially ends. This means that your stainless steel water bottle can easily be transformed into a new version of itself that can last for several more years to come. Plus, they keep your water significantly colder for longer periods of time due to it being an insulator!

2. Change up your nappies

Why not switch to using eco-friendly nappies? The Oxo-biodegradable materials and ingredients used mean the nappies are chlorine-free and often harvested from sustainably managed forests, so that you’re doing a world of good for your baby and the planet at the same time. If this is something you can commit to, 100% biodegradable and sustainable plant-based material nappy wipes are also available, along with nappy sacks which use a sustainable GM-free corn-based film to completely break down.

3. Always recycle packaging where possible

Most packaging materials nowadays are widely recycled, or are designed and made to be bio-degradable. By making a small effort to make sure you pay attention to this and that it all goes to the right place when you’re finished with packaging can be one of the easiest and smallest changes to make your life greener!

4. Use silicone straws

Unlike metal or glass, soft and bendy silicone straws don't clink your teeth, making them ideal for kids and straw-biters. Most silicone straws are made of BPA-free silicone and can handle extreme temperatures, so they work with hot drinks and can withstand the dishwasher. Most importantly, they’re not single use so there’s no risk of plastic pollution!

What will you do to make your choices greener in 2020?

Did you know we have FREE childcare opportunities at Back to the Garden in Broadheath, Altrincham? We’re offering totally free 15 to 30-hour childcare for children aged between 2-4 years old – be sure to register for free funding using the following link →

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