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Back to the Garden Childcare in Broadheath, Altrincham: Encouraging Mindfulness and Imagination

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Mindfulness and imagination are two of the most important components that contribute to healthy self-development and growth in children. Teaching mindfulness to preschoolers can help them develop an ability to focus attention at a high level, and can be a great tool for decreasing any anxiety and promote peace, kindness and acceptance; all tools they’ll use later in life.

Children playing with cardboard boxes

At Back to the Garden day nursery in Broadheath, Altrincham, our aim is for children to experience a curriculum that empowers them for their journey, not only through school but through life. We take great pride in our holistic approach to childcare that places respect, warmth and well-being at the centre of all we do!

We’ve made sure the design of our nursery creates spaces for children to explore, experiment and develop. Our beautiful tipi is a traditional symbol of gathering and a special place for activities that promote mindfulness and well-being, such as meditation, storytelling and yoga. We always encourage all the children no matter what age to come together for yoga, and incorporate it into our weekly activities! Similar to this, our cosy corners are the perfect space for the children to relax and reflect in a stimulating environment that creates a sense of wonder and discovery.

We believe creativity and self-expression is just as important as well-being when in a learning environment, and that’s exactly why we love a messy painting session at Back to the Garden childcare in Broadheath! Painting in our Ateliers allows the children to freely express themselves and develop their creativity and imagination.

It’s just as important to learn life skills as it is to learn academic skills, and we encourage this learning from a young age to help the children get a head start on their journey through life! We use crafting and building to help teach new life skills, which in turn helps them become more capable, forward-thinking and inventive!

To find out more about our unique vision at Back to the Garden childcare in Altrincham, get in touchwith us today or call 0161 537 7999 to chat with a member of our friendly team!

Want a glimpse into a day at Back to the Garden Childcare, a natural child-led nursery in Broadheath, Altrincham? Take a look at our social media - we’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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