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Back to the Garden Childcare in Broadheath, Altrincham: Our beautiful outdoor classroom

It goes without saying that children need the space to let their creativity run wild, and their big ideas to soar, and being in a learning environment at the same time makes their early education nothing but enjoyable!

Very young children learn predominately through their sensory and physical experiences that support brain development and the creation of neural networks, so having the space to explore, experiment, discover, be active and healthy, and develop their physical capabilities is vital.

As well as supporting their natural development, playing and learning outside helps children to understand and respect nature and the environment they live in.

Our beautiful outdoor classroom in Altrincham

At Back to the Garden Childcare in Broadheath, Altrincham, we have created a beautiful and safe outdoor environment for the children to explore, learn and discover. It creates the perfect opportunities to engage with natural resources and learn about the environment.

Sand and water play enable the children to experience and discover natural resources and stimulate their natural senses, while large brick play encourages productivity and creativity with building and modelling. Our potting shed shows children an organic and sustainable way of planting and harvesting food, while they learn about the natural processes in nature and how to nurture the natural environment.

Our lovely tepee, also known as our inner garden, provides a special outdoor space where the children can come together for a range of unique activities that all encourage mindfulness and enhance their well-being! Being a traditional symbol of gathering, children and parents can take part in meditation, storytelling, yoga and baby massage together.

To find out more about our unique vision at Back to the Garden childcare in Altrincham, or to see our beautiful outdoor facilities for yourself, get in touch with us today or call 0161 537 7999 to chat with a member of our friendly team!

Want a glimpse into a day at Back to the Garden Childcare, a natural child-led nursery in Broadheath, Altrincham? Take a look at our social media - we’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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