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Autumn outside with Back to the Garden Childcare in Broadheath, Altrincham

Being a beautifully natural day nursery in Altrincham, there’s nothing we

love more than being outside any time of year and embracing nature as

the seasons change. We know that people are spending more and more

time outdoors than ever before, so we’ve come up with our favourite fun

activities to do outside during Autumn to help combat the colder weather

and keep learning spirits alive!

1. Fly a Kite

Sometimes the old-school hobbies are the best hobbies! The weather tends to be a bit windier in

autumn, making it the ideal time to fly kites in the sky and watch them dance in the wind.

2. Explore a new park and go on a leaf hunt

The UK is full of beautiful parks, forests and walking trails juts waiting to be explored! Why not collect some vibrant orange and red leaves as a souvenir from an amazing family day out exploring new places?

3. Pumpkin picking and carving

It’s officially prime Pumpkin season, and Pumpkin picking is fun for all of the family helping eachother to find the perfect orange pumpkins to either decorate, carve or turn into tasty Autumn treats!

Get creative with your pumpkin carving this year (with the help of an adult of course), why not draw and carve the silliest face you possibly can? 🎃 4. Sparklers in the Garden

It’s almost bonfire night, and although this years’ bonfire night is a little different, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some firework fun in your own back garden with sparklers! Light up the night with this safe outdoor activity for the whole family, then enjoy hot chocolates curled up on the sofa with your favourite family film.

5. Autumn crafts

As the season changes, all of the beautiful changes in nature can be seen too! From the floor that’s covered in a carpet of red and yellow leaves, to the conkers and pine cones that gently start to fall off the trees. All of these natural resources make great objects for crafting, so go and find the biggest pine cones, and most colourful leaves, and get creative.

6. Make a toasty bonfire and roast some marshmallows

There’s nothing cosier than getting all wrapped up in big coats, lighting the outdoor fire or chimenea, and toasting tasty marshmallows! Only let the adults handle the fire, but see what tasty treats you can create – why not use some chocolate digestive biscuits to sandwich your toasted marshmallow and make s’mores? Delicious and tasty Autumn fun for everyone.

Are you looking for childcare in Broadheath now lockdown has eased? Our beautifully natural day nursery in Altrincham is fully open to all our lovely back to the garden children again, and thriving! Get in touch with us today to find out more about our day nursery in Broadheath, and to enquire about spaces while they’re still available!

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