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Appleton Baby Massage - Susan Kemp

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Baby Massage :: Baby Yoga :: Baby Reflexology / 07900 867933 

Susan Kemp - Baby Massage - Back to the Garden Childcare

When did you become interested in learning about Baby Massage? I took baby massage and baby yoga classes with my baby almost 12 years ago, and I really enjoyed them at the time, although I would never have imagined I would change my life and become an instructor! I felt it benefited my baby and me. I loved meeting other new mums and being part of the class. I did my classes in Hertfordshire, but I am still great friends with the mums I met during the classes and they are now an important part of our lives.

When did you become an instructor? I became a massage and yoga instructor seven years ago after our family moved from Hertfordshire to Cheshire following my husband's job relocation with the BBC from London to Manchester. I worked as Communications Manager at the Daily Mail Group in London and with the move, I had to give up my job. As our daughter was just about to start school I was reluctant to go into full time employment and part time work is difficult to find. I started looking into what I could do and thought of becoming an instructor, this was the perfect opportunity to follow a completely different career path and work for myself.

I loved learning about massage and yoga and truly believe in it. Where we are living in Appleton, Warrington, no-one was teaching it at the time, so it was the right opportunity. The house we bought had the perfect space already built in the garden so I use this as my studio. 

I wanted to create a welcoming, safe and clean environment for mums. Time is allowed to chat at the end to get to know each other and share experiences, and other topics away from babies. They get chance to have a hot cup of tea and homemade cake. I love teaching and I've created wonderful unique classes. I have complete empathy with the mums and understand what they are going through as a new mum. 

Mother and her baby

How did this journey change your life?  It meant I was working for myself and I was in control of my destiny. I am able to run my classes around my daughter's school day and holidays, so I am always around. I can take to school and pick her up. It's been great meeting the hundreds of mums and babies over the years and some have become friends.  How does it benefit babies physically and mentally?  Massage has so many benefits; Can relieve reflux, colic, constipation and wind; teething pain and colds; Aids and stimulates the circulatory system, getting blood flowing around their body;  Improves sleep patterns and stimulates muscle development.  Allows baby to de-stress and relax, settles them making them feel calm.  If baby was premature, it can help them gain weight quickly;  Deepens and strengthens secure attachment bond, creating the unique relationship that shape's the baby's development.   Does it help the parent too?  Absolutely. It can strengthen the bond between parent and baby, the sense of touch is so strong and this enables parents to non verbally communicate with their babies showing their love.  It releases Oxytocin, the feel good hormone, from parent and baby as the parent performs the massage, and this helps parent relax and de-stress and in turn so does the baby. It can really help those mums who suffer with post natal depression, to help get through those difficult weeks. Rhymes and songs accompany the massage strokes and the verbal communication is another wonderful way to connect. Babies love listening to their parents voice and love the singy-songy pitch.  The connection deepens and a wonderful way to calm you both. It's great for both parents to learn, grandparents and siblings.  What age can babies start experiencing baby massage? Massage can be performed from birth, however for classes I normally suggest from 5-6 weeks old because they feed and sleep more when newborn. And it's generally when parent is ready to leave the house and face the world as a parent! Please can you share one of your favourite, most rewarding experiences in your field?  I took a one-to-one course with a gorgeous little baby girl who six months old. At this early, she had already experienced a number of major heart surgeries. There had been a lot of separation and it had been a traumatic and a stressful time for the parents and baby. Baby responded so positively to the massage and you could see the connection between parent and baby become stronger and deeper. She giggled and smiled all the way through and just loved being stroked.

We transformed negative touch with needles and being hooked up to machines, to a positive loving touch, and this just helped mum and baby immensely. It was such a privilege and rewarding to see over the weeks. Very emotional. 

Do you have any tips for parents to try at home? To relieve wind, constipation, colic or reflux, stroking the tummy can help. But it's important to remember to keep below the ribcage, and stroke slowly in a clockwise direction, as this is the route of the digestive system, with a gentle amount of pressure as it's a sensitive area.  Reflexology is applying gentle pressure on the soles of the feet. Every area of the body is reflected on the soles of the feet. So simply applying gentle pressure on the feet can help relieve many ailments, soothe and settle baby. Stroking from heel to the base of the toes and on the toes, covers many points, including digestive area, chest and teeth. Are there any books you would recommend for parents interested in learning more? Books are great help and good to refer back to. However, I think it's good for parents to see the strokes demonstrated to give good guidance and insight. 

Infant Massage, A guide for Loving Parents by Vimala McClure. The pioneer of infant massage as know today and an excellent guide. 

The Gentle Touch of Reflexology for babies and Children by Sue Ricks On your parenting journey (from our Walk On The Wild Side series) we’d love to know what superpower you wish you had? My superpower would be to click my fingers and everything to be tidy and clean! What are you most grateful for? I am most grateful for my daughter. She has autism and life is a massive challenge for her. She is a true inspiration to face our fears.

Appleton Baby Massage - Susan Kemp

Baby Massage :: Baby Yoga :: Baby Reflexology / 07900 867933 

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