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Our Principles

At Back to the Garden our curriculum is underpinned by our principles.


Our principles are active, we return to them to guide us in all the (big and small) decisions we make, from designing our building, employing our educators, considering our menus, organising our routines right down to the size and shape of our paint brushes!

We encourage all our children and families to have a voice - we listen to the many ways children express themselves and take their ideas seriously and shape our practice accordingly.

Well-Being and Holistic Development


We believe that human development weaves cognitive, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social and cultural dimensions, which need to be viewed holistically.  Because children develop holistically they need a broad and rich curriculum that enables them to grow their capabilities across all dimensions.  Every aspect of the context- physical surroundings, emotional state, relationships with others and immediate needs will affect what children learn from any experience.



We believe that children learn at the highest level through self-directed play with real choices.  We aim for our environment to be empowering, allowing children to have the agency to create and act on their own ideas, develop knowledge and skills in areas that interest them and, increasingly, to make decisions and judgements on matters that relate to them.  Play and playfulness are valued and experiences are inviting and enjoyable.  

Family and Community


We recognise that the well-being of each child is interdependent with the well being of their parents and families.  Children learn best and develop when the people in their lives help them to make connections between settings. We aim to value and build on the knowledge and experiences that children bring with them.


We provide an environment where respectful relationships, encouragement, warmth and acceptance are the norm.  It is through responsive and reciprocal relationships with people, places and things that children have opportunities to try out.

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