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Our Children

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It can be useful to think of child development in terms of three broad overlapping age ranges and we organise our space, care and curriculum accordingly.  


We also value the overlapping of age groups and experiences and with this in mind we cultivate opportunities to meet together, particularly within our Atelier space, our lovely tepee, at meal times and in our garden.


Safe and Settled


We know you will want to be sure your child is safe, secure and happy in our care, and that is our priority too.  We know that this is often the first experience away from home for many children and a significant transition for their parents and families.

We know infants depend on the security of knowing a familiar adult is close by and we ensure their special key person builds a bond of trust and responds to their needs.  Through our sensitive care giving practices such as those for feeding and changing, we appreciate that children are learning to trust us and feel settled in our care.

A Beautiful Place to Grow

Infants are cared for in our lovely baby rooms, large rooms with lots of natural light which open onto our outdoor space. 


We know that infants have a big curiosity and a drive to explore, we use mirrors, fabrics, lights, water, sand and a range of sensory and natural resources to encourage their investigations.

Our Inspiration


[hue-gah] noun


A calm, comfortable time with people you love. A complete absence of frustrations, or anything emotionally overwhelming, often enjoyed with warmth and good food.

A child absorbs its environment... fostering inner peace.

In the 1800s, Friedrich Fröbel stressed the importance of environmental design in terms of a 'garden', natural, organic and ever changing. He maintained that when care is given to a child's surroundings it will create an invitation to learn.

"When children feel comfortable in their physical surroundings, they will venture to explore materials and experiences around them."

Anita Rui Olds - 'Childcare Design Studio'

We support them to challenge themselves physically with our baby gym areas and our push along toys.  We model and extend language sensitively thorough thoughtful interactions, tuning in to sounds, conversation, sharing books and rhymes.  We love to get messy, and in our Atelier our youngest children are encouraged to express themselves in many different ways through mark making, painting and clay.


Building Relationships


We understand toddlers are developing their identities as autonomous learners.  In our Toddler rooms their desire to

explore the world, to increase

their independence and to have greater control is supported by familiar adults who are sensitive to their needs and who understand them well. 

 We know that some Toddlers are experiencing childcare for the first time and some are

transitioning from other settings or within our setting.


Our Toddlers are learning to self regulate amongst feelings that are intense and unpredictable,

we are used to this and stay calm, offer them reassurance and choices. 

A Space to Inquire and be Curious

Toddlers are cared for in our spacious Toddler rooms, which benefit from big windows and lots of natural light.  We have thought carefully about the needs of this age group and designed our space around them.


We know Toddlers are gaining confidence and control of their bodies so we offer opportunities for them to challenge themselves physically with space to move, dance and transport.


We have lovely resources to support imaginative play and storytelling. 


We have fun with sounds and language through music, books and storytelling.  Toddlers have time in our Atelier to support their growing self expression through creative play such as mark making, sculpture, movement and painting.  We tune into their languages which we believe they show us in a hundred different ways!


A Wonderful Workshop


Children continue their learning journeys in our Pre-School rooms.  We have developed dedicated spaces to support our older children’s learning, including block play and construction, imaginative and role play, exploration, sensory and malleable, water and sand play, and of course our creative Atelier studio space. 

We allow children ownership of the space, allowing empty areas which can be transformed and manipulated. We notice and offer small ‘spaces between spaces’ where children might choose to be alone, alongside places to relax and share stories.

A Personal Learning Journey

We believe that children can drive their own learning supported by our experienced adults and we document their thoughts and experiences. We aim to support our children to problem solve and ‘learn how to learn’.

We Keep You Involved


We share with you information about your child’s day though conversation and through our online learning journey - i-connect.  You will be able to see photos and videos of your child at play and share these at home with your family.

We love you to add photos and comments from the home to the learning journey,

as this gives us lots of opportunity to build on experiences and learning.


We will meet with you regularly to talk about your child’s progress.

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