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Eating well and the enjoyment of family-style dining

Nature’s way of giving us the right nutrients that we need at the right time of year, seasonal food is the key to eating well. Especially important for children, the food that we eat has a direct impact on our health, our emotions, our ability to process information and the overall balance

within our bodies.

Encouraging children to love their food from an early age, to taste it and experiment with it, is a key part of our approach. We encourage children to respect the food that they are given and understand where it comes from, that someone has grown it, nurtured it and lovingly prepared it before it arrives on their plates.
In addition to our own herb and vegetable garden, we have links with several suppliers who are very happy for us to take the children to visit them and see first hand where their food comes from.
One of the cornerstones of the Back to the Garden philosophy is a focus on nutrition and we create and serve a seasonal menu of locally sourced organic (where possible) food that incorporates fresh, plant-based produce, meat and fish.

At Back to the Garden, food is also a cause for celebration. Dining is a wonderful way to come together, to sit together, share a good meal and take part in conversation. We enjoy a family dining approach with the children helping to set the table, serve the meals and clear up afterwards.

On booking a place at Back to the Garden your child will be provided with their own flask. We encourage children to help themselves to water, so that they can learn to care for their own bodies and remain hydrated throughout the day.

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