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Episode #6

Children’s Nutrition

with Nicola Charnock 


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“They don’t eat anything that doesn’t look like it comes out of the ground.” 


Nicola Charnock is the resident nutritionist at Back To The Garden Childcare and mother of 2. She qualified at the renowned CNM London (College of Natural Medicine). Her business CF Wellness Organics combines all her holistic skills and training under one roof. With 15 years of sports rehab experience, her clients include high profile athletes and musicians. Her understanding of the rate at which the body heals and athletic performance led her to train as a yoga teacher in India and introduce nutrition into her work. Through becoming a mother herself she is educating and supporting families through workshops in fertility, pregnancy, and post birth for both mother and baby. She runs food workshops including ‘Nutrition for the Whole Family Made simple’. Her love and passion for what she does makes her an incredible guest.

“I’m always in the kitchen, that’s where to find me. Except from that I’m on a yoga mat. We look at food, where it comes from. I get the kids to smell everything before we eat. They’re always around when I’m making it.”

In This Episode We Talk About:

1:10 Earliest memory or a pivotal moment for Nicola during her childhood.

2:26 What led Nicola to become a nutritionist. Why being a posture and movement specialist was part of this journey, in understanding inflammation and how the body heals. Nicolas passion for prevention rather than just cure. This then led her to be interested in children’s health and why personal experiences as a Mother has led her to go even deeper into brain health, gut health and liver support for children. 


6:18 Nicola shares her children’s ages and the personal reasons for her bringing nutrition into her family and why she’s on a deeper journey of discovery. “I now have an important part to play as a mother.”  Food in her household is a sensory experience.

“My son connects good food with feeling good.”


10:16 We delve into any times her children have rejected healthy food and how she handles her kids going to other peoples houses.


13:04 The optimum foods to feed children to support their health. Why textures are important with our food choices. Why microwaves aren’t good for our gut health. The importance of prebiotics and probiotics - kefir, kombucha and sauerkraut. Why raw cacao is a must for mornings. The hurdles Niki has overcome with schools and snacks including margarine education. Why organic dairy is better. And where the calcium in cows milk comes from. 

“Every colour represents a different vitamin or mineral”. 

“The less chemicals that are put into their tiny bodies the better.”

“Your body is telling you something. Perhaps just putting cream isn’t going to fix the underlying problem.” 


29:51 Supplements for children. Which ones are the best and what age to take them. Supplements for gut health, immune support, sleep and anxiety. 

36:14 Breast milk or formula? Niki’s views on this, her personal experience and why it is so important to take care of post-natal mothers. “It takes two years for our bone density and minerals to come back”. We also cover the importance of nutrition and health pre-conception and throughout pregnancy. “20% of the parents toxic load will be passed into that baby."


39:33 Sponsor Section


40:50 Who does the cooking at home. Niki’s children’s favourite meals. 


43:00 Top tips for parents wanting to introduce more healthy foods in their children’s diets. We also cover hydration here. 


46:30 Sleep and the benefits of using magnesiums. Why routines and rituals are key.


“Their nervous system appreciates knowing what’s coming next.”


49:56 Mental Health in the Early Years. 


53:18 If money time and logistics were no object what Niki would create for children.

“Everybody should have dark chocolate in the morning.”

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Recorded via Zoom and edited at LBS, Stockport.
Producer: Adders Jeffry 
Original Music written by Sadie Pickering, performed by Sadie Pickering, Dan J Logan and Jay Ansill
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