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Episode #4

Balancing Entrepreneurship and Being a Mum 

with Kate Mosley


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“Children are so non-judgmental, they show so much love to you, you can be silly with them and they’ll laugh along with you. That’s the beauty of children.” 


The Garden Eatery created the menu for Back To The Garden Childcare and todays guest is Kate Mosely is the co-founder of The Garden Eatery, Hale. She started the business with her best friend, Amy Sheperdson in 2014 and it’s grown from strength to strength with a loyal local community of customers, it’s also become a destination hot spot for health and wellness and has a strong following online. Her husband Chris joined the team in 2017, focusing on the commercial kitchen premises for the cold pressed juices, smoothies and raw cakes & bakes. Kate is also a yoga teacher working in Hale and Altrincham as well as online. She gave birth to twins, Winnie and Rupert in December 2017. Kate now balances being a mum to both her children and also her business baby. Her passion for healthy living, nourishing foods, sustainability and love of life comes through all that she does. She’s a wonderful soul and pleasure to have as a guest on the show.


“Had I slowed down, honoured the transformation my body was going through I really do think I wouldn’t have experienced the anxiety I did when I was in the post-natal period.”

In This Episode We Talk About:

01:18 A pivotal moment during Kate’s childhood.

02:38 Kates early years education. 

3:25 How working in the wrong career led to Kate to discover something she was truly passionate about, working with children and how that led to her becoming a primary school teacher.

6:55 The skills Kate developed during teaching that she uses now at The Garden and as a mother. Here we also discuss social media, judgement culture and authenticity online.

10:27 Why yoga has been a huge part of her journey and how she became a yoga teacher. Here we also discussed her passion for healthy eating and how The Garden came to fruition through a vision, action and belief that it would work out even after their proposal was initially rejected. 

“Even when we were initially rejected I just knew that it wasn’t the end. It’s just this weird feeling around the whole thing that it was the right thing to do, this universal pull in the right direction, never wavering in my faith that it was all going to work out.”

17:40 Hurdles they overcame in their business and the positive lessons that came from situations that were a struggle. 

“I’ve learnt the most lessons in my whole life in the last few years, just how to deal with people, the public and staff. The struggles of working with friends but also how to maintain the same friendship that you always had and the love you have for each other but also know that you are going to have differences and different opinions. That’s been a huge hurdle but we are so much stronger the other side of it. The best relationships are tested to the max. We’ve got a special relationship because of what we’ve been through together.”


20:55 Kates passion for sustainability and how this manifested in the Love Your Mother campaign, a collaboration with Klean Kanteen, to raise awareness around the planet and Mother Nature. The anxiety Kate felt after having twins, and spending less time in The Garden and how this time away enabled her to get her creative juices flowing.


24:04 Sustainability within The Garden and how they’ve used compostable packaging since day one. Also their values around supporting small independents and here we discuss organic produce.

“Since the day we’ve been open we used compostable packaging even though it costs more we’ve always used that, this was way before everyone else realised it was necessary. It’s been part of our values since the beginning. To have a minimal impact as best we can.”


27:27 Motherhood. Kate shares her pregnancy journey and struggles with anxiety and why she loves to help mothers-to-be through teaching pregnancy yoga.

“I probably did the worst thing you could do and worked until 2 weeks before I had the twins, at the same level as I’d worked before and I had to do that to learn a huge lesson. My pregnancy has informed the way I teach pregnancy yoga now. Having been through it all and known how I pushed my body to the maximum limit when I was carrying twins and I was creating life, has taught me the huge lesson that being pregnant is the time to slow down and honour your body.”


33:28 Kate shares her diet during pregnancy. Folic Acid was the supplement Kate couldn’t recall that she took. 


35:50 When Kate returned to work following the birth of the twins.


36:30 What being a mother has taught her.


38:29 Healthy eating for the twins and why she has a relaxed approach now. 


40:24 Activities for the children - at home and nursery.

“They love being outside, they love exploring, they love bugs and nature. They put their all into anything they do.”


43:04 The twins sleep habits.


45:48 Work/life balance for Kate and Chris and how they manage this, Kate chooses to have phone-free time. Why communication is key.

“It’s so easy to fall into the trap of the blame culture within a family, and often we’re a mirror to each other. Often if I feel I’m not being supported and if I truthfully look at him and think ‘am I being supportive to him?’ then the answers probably no.”


50:24 Her guilty secret as a mum


51:32 How lockdown has affected The Garden. The support they’ve had from customers. How it has meant that they’ve been able to grow the online side of the business selling juices and delivering meals to help certain customers living alone that struggled during this time.


54:10 Lockdown what learnt to live without.


55:06 Here we discuss the Black Lives Matter Movement and why Kate is passionate about learning. Kate shares what she’s currently working on within herself through the Rachel Cargle 30 Day ‘Do The Work’ course (link below) and her hopes for the future. Why she loves being an ambassador for Lululemon and how they were running workshops on white privilege earlier in the year and Kate shares the next book on her reading list. 


01:00:29 Kate discusses things she’s doing with the twins on this subject. 


01:01:40 Rapid fire - 
Her inspiration at the moment  
If money, time and logistics were no object what she would create for children 
What universal lesson should be taught to children around the world
What rights should children innately have 
Advice to someone setting up a business 
What she’s most grateful for 
and lastly, when she is her most zen

“Being a mother has taught me patience. There’s no right way of doing things. You’ve got your way, I’ve got my way, everyone's got their own way. I think, as soon as you align yourself with that and don’t try and be anyone else or try anyone else’s suggested ways of parenting then the sooner you can align with your own inner wisdom.” 

Episode Resource Links:

Follow Kate at: @soul_yogi (pregnancy yoga)

Follow The Garden at: @thegardeneatery (order juices online - cafe open from the 4th of July)

Take A Walk On The Wild Side (blog)


Deliciously Ella App


Love your mother campaign


Cater Creative


Inhale yoga studio


Rachel Cargle 30 Day ‘Do The Work’ Course




This Will Be My Undoing: Living at the Intersection of Black, Female, and Feminist by Morgan Jerkins


Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little toes by Men Fox and Helen Oxenbury


Miniland dolls


I Can See Clearly Now by Wayne Dyer 

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Recorded via Zoom and edited at LBS, Stockport.

Producer: Adders Jeffry 

Original Music written by Sadie Pickering, performed by Sadie Pickering, Dan J Logan and Jay Ansill


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