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Episode #3


Chris McGoff


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“Family values are things that are very important to us, and that’s helped drive the business.” 


With over 45 years of construction excellence, The McGoff Group is a well established, highly experienced multi-faceted collection of like minded business which work together to develop and create community.


New Care was founded in 2010 and is unparalleled within the care sector, with 7 operational care homes including Bramhall Manor which has a contract with the NHS and council in Stockport.


Downtown, a Manhattan-inspired apartment development in Manchester City Centre is also under their portfolio. The 374 apartments were all sold off-plan and the development has recently reached build completion.


In 2017 The McGoff group joined forces with Jeannie and Stewart Pickering to found Back To The Garden Childcare where the first nursery opened in Broadheath in 2018. Their latest venture Market 41, a new venture for the group, will be an indoor food market in Urmston.


Today's guest is Chris McGoff, Director at The McGoff Group and CEO of New Care Corporate.


“Our primary driver to both disciplines and operations is quality. We want to provide the very best quality that we can do, to promote the best outcome for whether it’s an elderly person living out their remaining years in a really nice setting to a young kid taking their first steps outside their family home to independence.”

In This Episode We Talk About:

1:19 Chris’s earliest childhood memory.


4:04 Chris’s family life and working from home.


5:45 The Mission of the McGoff Group and how it has evolved over the years. Beginning with his parents starting as a contracting business serving the leisure sector and the journey that led it to becoming more development based.  


8:39 Why the McGoff Group decided to add a nursery to the portfolio. Chris and his wife, a trained Montessori teacher always had a personal interest in nurseries/schools. The group built nursery buildings for other companies to operate. One of these relationships was with Jeannie and Stewart Pickering on Kidsunlimited projects. The next step was to become their own operator “properator” to own the property and operate it, joining forces with Jeannie and Stewart.


13:47 The mission of the nursery and also the care homes and the philosophy of the design. Why flexible spaces are important. 


16:04 The design of the Broadheath nursery and also Lymm and how they are similar/different. The importance of the outdoor spaces and the Tipi and how this is a signature part of the Back To The Garden brand. 


18:07 The Partnership with the NHS, beginning with The Grand, a care home in West Bridgford, Nottingham and more recently Bramhall Manor, coined by the press as the ‘Nightingale of the North’. How this supports the NHS by easing demand on hospitals.


23:03 How the current COVID-19 crisis has effected the care homes and the nursery. What it means to the group to be helping support the NHS, in the various ways they do, and also the struggles that came with this and how they overcame obstacles through their proactive approach. Why continuity has been so important and how it has made them an even better business and allowed them to evolve all policies. 


26:30 The Benefits of Intergenerational care. How the McGoff Group are working to help bridge the gap. Where they first came across the concept. Why Lymm is the perfect place to do it. The mental and physical wellbeing benefits they’ve seen from cross-generational activities with residents at the Sale care home and the nursery children at Broadheath. 


32:19 A moving story about one of the care home residents and how the team made his ambition to get back to Old Trafford a reality. 


33:41 How the McGoff Group contribute to the planet and the sustainability that comes from being a ‘one-stop shop’. 


35:46 What it’s like working in a family business and how this has contributed to their success. Why trust, integrity and family values are important to them and how they’ve created an ‘extended family’ of long standing relationships built over time in the industry. 


39:10 Chris’s advice to someone with a vision to build a business. 


39:42 What Chris would build for children/the elderly if money/time/logistics were no object.


40:29 What universal lesson should be taught to children/the elderly. 


41:11 What rights should children and the elderly should both have.


41:30 What superpower he would have as a parent.

41:47 The most important ingredient to running a business.

42:00 What Chris is most grateful for. 


“The older generation have so much real-time history to pass on.”

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Twitter: @ChrisMcGoffManc

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Recorded via Zoom and edited at LBS, Stockport.

Producer: Adders Jeffry 

Original Music written by Sadie Pickering, performed by Sadie Pickering, Dan J Logan and Jay Ansill


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